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So you want to be a consultant?


You want to announce yourself as a social media consultant, with a straight face? You want to endure those sneers and looks of derision because you have a job title people don’t recognize? What, like an Instagram expert?

That’s right, you do want that! You’re about to start turning your knowledge and experience into a successful business, defining your own destiny, working on your terms, traveling your own path and leaving those narrow-minded haters in your wake.

As a social media consultant you’re going to be working with clients to solve their problems; to alleviate their pain.

This pain will have caused them to reach out to you for help. They need you and they’re prepared to pay you handsomely to take their pain away.

So forget any notions of embarrassment about announcing yourself as a consultant, or uneasiness about selling.

The fact is that when those clients contact you they’re already looking to buy; already hoping you will have the cure they need. If you complete the other courses in the Academy, such as Needs Analysis, you will have the skills you need to identify the solutions to their pain, and then it’s just a question of packaging it.

This course is primarily about packaging you and your services. It’s about giving you the confidence you need to get out there and sell what you can do, safe in the knowledge that you’re totally worth the money. The full package.

You will earn one life-changing Whack for completing this course. Honestly you’ll never feel that sense of self doubt or uncertainty again. Now throw on some AC/DC, roll up your sleeves and let’s get you packaged up….

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