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Hey, you’re a rock star! You’ve won your first contract – a fat monthly retainer which will pay the bills and then some. Boom!! However it’s not quite time to relax and start browsing villas in Tuscany. You now have to do the real work you’re being paid for.

The good news though is that this is not at all hard because if you’re a human, and I’m assuming you are at least part-human, then you are already equipped with most of the skills you need, You’re going to be dealing with fellow humans so you’ll just need a few guidelines on their particular traits and foibles. You’ll notice that it all appears fairly straightforward and that’s because it is. The only key difference between these humans and those in your social network is that you’re entering a business relationship with them; and that relationship is potentially fraught with conflict and stress if you fail to pay attention to some simple guidelines. This course will teach you those guidelines and will lead you to a harmonious and mutually profitable future.

The course will also introduce you to the importance of organisation. As in your administration. If you’re organised and deliberate with how you work then you will save time and money, and will find yourself living the life you always wanted with less stress, less self-admonishment and a lot more boo-ya!!

A suitable side dish for this course would be Becoming a Consultant, which introduces you to the fundamentals of how consultants work. This course takes you a few steps further and will have you managing clients like Jerry Maguire (“show me the money”…no? Seriously, watch it, it’s great).

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