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Did you think that being a consultant was just about working from home, occasionally popping in to clients’ offices to give them feedback on the project, and collecting big pay cheques? 

Well you’ll be happy to know that you’re mostly right, but in order for you to successfully achieve that fabled lifestyle you first need to learn the tools of your trade. 

One of the key tools is the ability to successfully conduct a consultancy interview.

Consultancy interviewing is not difficult or overly technical; you certainly should not be concerned about whether you can do it. 

As with most things you will learn in the Social Media Mafia Academy it is just a process to follow, which you will become more familiar with as you gain experience.

Conducting a successful consultancy interview is essential when preparing to pitch to a client, when starting out a project, and when gathering information during the project. 

It is basically about ensuring you get the right information as efficiently as possible, saving you and the client time and money.

This course will give you the skills you need to conduct consultancy interviewing like a Boss. 

Not the kind of boss that hires and fires people, but the kind of boss that walks into a room totally confident about their purpose and how to achieve it, all the while projecting an image of cool professionalism with a subtle undertone of awesomeness.

Stand by to obtain the confidence to smash an interview. 


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