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This course is designed to give you a very broad overview of some of the most common types of traffic sources that I have had good success in deploying, both paid and organic.

The traffic sources here are not the only sources of traffic available by any means, but they have proven to work for me in bringing the right traffic to my offers so that I can obtain leads and funnel those leads to make an appointment with me.

[Remember your goal is to bring traffic to your auto appointment making funnel]

Of course, you may well manage traffic for your clients, but the main goal and focus for you at this stage is to get clients in the first place, through your appointment funnel, so you need to send traffic to it.

In this course we’re not going deep into the implementation of each traffic platform, and how or what to click to set them up (the paid platforms themselves do that very well), but rather why you would decide to use one form of traffic to generate leads for your consultancy over another one. Essentially they each have their merits and place, depending on what you are selling and to who.

Naturally a lot of your results (through measuring) will be achieved by experimentation on your part, trial and error of what works for your niche, and target audience.

So with that being said first I will focus on the following types of paid traffic:

  • Solo Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords

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