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Imagine you’re on your perfect holiday. 

Maybe you’re on a beautiful desert island in the south pacific, the waves lapping at your toes as you lay on the white beach; maybe you’re riding a horse in the Canadian Rockies, taking in the stunning vistas and breathing in that cool mountain air; maybe you’re on a windswept beach in Cornwall, looking longingly at the pub while your kids constantly harangue you for an ice cream.

Wherever your mind takes you, it’s easy to get carried away with the fantasy, right? We all have places we want to be eventually, both physical and metaphorical.

Now imagine your perfect working life. It’s perhaps harder to imagine, as we are programmed to fantasise about holidays more than work.

However if you have signed up for the Social Media Mafia Academy then you have obviously allowed yourself to dream of working differently; in your own way; in your own time; being your own boss.

You might imagine yourself working from your home office, from a coffee shop, in a vibrant and colourful office you have created, with a slide and a ping pong table.

Whatever you have imagined, you have been informally setting goals for yourself – conjuring up images of where you want to be, what you want to be doing, and how you want to be doing it.

Goal setting is a skill we are all naturally equipped with, but one that we do not all harness effectively. An ineffective goal setter allows their mind to wander and drift from one idea to another.

An effective goal setter focuses on those outcomes they want and imagines the shit out of them, sculpting them in their mind’s eye until they are perfectly formed and vivid.

Effective goal setters allow themself to dream briefly, and then tune in on the specific outcomes they want. This might be rock hard abs; it might be the mortgage paid off by age 40; it might be to own a dog rescue centre in downtown Milwaukee; it might be to start a social media consultancy and get five regular clients on retainer contracts within two years.

Whatever the outcomes you’re dreaming of, these are your goals, and this course will help you discover your goals, define them, sharpen them and then achieve them.

So your number one goal should be to dive in to this course, whack it, and get yourself climbing the Social Media Mafia ladder towards becoming a Capo Regime.

Now let’s go…

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